You and your child will build musical memories together as you learn, laugh, sing, move, and socialize in the welcoming, positive, and encouraging environment of our programs for the young beginner.

Young children thrive in the safety offered by the presence of their parents and interactions with them.
You will feel joy and pride as you see his/her musical growth each week and will have opportunities to share with other like-minded families the awes of parenting.
Through play and exploration children will develop their singing voice and the ability to keep a steady beat when clapping, will learn to discriminate and describe sounds, will develop coordination when moving and fine motor skills when playing various musical instruments.
The development of these skills will provide them with the readiness to undertake the learning of a musical instrument later on.

Level 2: 18-36 months

Also known as Wiggle & Grow, is a class where children feel encouraged to initiate their own ideas, while nurturing their social-emotional growth and cognitive development through playful and exploratory activities.


Level 3: 3 & 4 years

Also known as Laugh & Learn, is a class designed to engage preschoolers’ natural love of music and activate their imaginations, while developing their growing language and social-emotional skills.


Level 4: 4 & 5 years

Also known as Move & Groove,this class offers first experiences with musical symbols and more advanced instruments, laying the groundwork for formal music introduction and ensuring school readiness.